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A little about Marna


Give a little, get a LOT!

Giving of ones self to others is one of the things that I most admire in others.  In my own way I would like to do that while also giving to my customers.  

Ask me about my donation program that can save you up to $100!


About Marna

The basics: I'm over 40, I have a strong, handsome and amusing husband and two adorable, VERY active little boys that we are trying to raise to be kind, polite and happy humans.  

My passion is creating beautiful one-of-a-kind items that make your eyes light up and feel just THAT much more confident and beautiful then you already are.   

It TRULY makes me happy to make you happy!! 

Note: All items are made by only by me, and my products are mostly bought from local small businesses where possible.

wedding party  bubbly and bling party bridal party destination wedding

Our truest beauty is in our differences

My thought about my products is this... why not buy a stunning, one-of-a-kind item (or two) that, though similar to the other items I sell, isn't ever going to be the exact same... like you and your sister, or daughter, or cousin, similar - yes, but not the same.  

I want to celebrate those differences, as slight or as extreme as they may be. 

The idea of being able to afford one-of-a-kind wearable art is kinda cool too I think.  ;)

I'm truly excited and blessed to have you here on my site - thank you for visiting!!!

My true passion is making women feel beautiful and confident in my creations, be it; 

stunning costumes, 

positive message apparel, 

tanks and tee's that are covered in BLING for you and your friends, 

lingerie for a photoshoot or honeymoon!


All I want is for you to love yourself EVEN MORE!  

How can I serve you with my artistic gifts?

Message me and lets find out!



To ask me any questions - just click HERE

Parts of my tribe

How I lost 80lbs in one year..

nichelle laus fitness coach

Nichelle Laus is probably the most amazing and diverse humans I have ever met.  SHE IS THE REASON I lost 80 lbs while on my mat leave with my first son.  

She has literally done it all.

I have known her for as long as I have known my husband and not once has she ever faltered from being kind, generous, honest and focused on her passion in life.  Her family first, always.  But also her desire to help women.   Help them be stronger, happier, healthier.    Trust me on this, she actually IS as awesome as she seems!

the orig boss babe!

My favourite boudoir experience EVER!

boudoir photography lingerie boudoir experience melissa kelly

Melissa Kelly was a friend from the moment I walked into her studio.  That continued through the entire process.  She made me, and my rolls, feel safe.  No judgment, no uncomfortableness, just warmth and astounding attention to detail!  Not to mention the price!!  Trust me, you can afford to do this AND YOU SHOULD!!!  

I also happen to know where you can get some killer outfits to wear for that shoot ;)

You deserve this!

THE BEST bikini maker there is!

the crystal suit fitness competition bikini figure bikini swimwear

Colleen is one of those few rare people in life that is both epically talented, whose attention to detail is unmatched, and yet who has the kindness and caring of your favourite aunt.  She's also silly and funny and classy.  What more could you want really??  

I recommend people to her without any concern as I know they will ALWAYS get the very best quality bikini that is possible!

Colleen is just a button away!

THE BEST fitness photographer

dave laus photographer fitness photographer

Dave Laus is one of my favourite men on the planet.  Much like his gorgeous wife (above) he is an amazing person.  Not only is he truly THE BEST fitness photographer there is in North America, he is also an incredibly decent and kind human being.  

His photography style is so distinctive and beautiful.  Almost all of my photos, unless I took them or they are boudoir photos by Melissa Kelly (above), are done by Dave.  His work is so beautiful, it makes me and my work look even better.  And other then my husband, he is probably one of the few men that will ever be on this page.   I trust him THAT much!

Check him out.  He's worth EVERY penny!

Fitness has never looked so good!

That time your sister starts and runs a successful wedding planning business!

wedding planner gta wedding planner joy events wedding bridal day of

She's my little sister...and I mayyy be biased.  BUT it also means that I KNOW her, and it means that I KNOW she was made for this!  It is her passion as much as mine is for me.  She has been obsessing about weddings since she was a little girl.  She has taken the right college courses and worked from the ground up in every aspect of the wedding industry to make sure she knows what the heck needs to be done for every detail of your wedding.

She is also partnered with our beautiful cousin Rachel.  What to say about Rachel.... she is a born designer and artist.  I wish I had taken that path she has.  Her university education in design has set her up perfectly to make this business a success that matches Olivias perfectly.

I'm so SUPER proud to be able to support and share their business on this page!

If you are a bride click here!!!

Ultimate Fitness Events

ultimate fitness events fitness competition

The UFE is BY FAR the best fitness competition organization I have ever attended.  I have been backstage helping at many shows and yet never have I experienced such professionalism, as well as comfort and kindness.  Most shows breed hostility backstage, and yet the UFE has gone out of its way to make sure that this doesn't happen.  And while the competition level is VERY HIGH, and the competitors are out to win, there is a team and friendship build atmosphere backstage that is amazing.

If you have any questions please ask me, or contact them directly.  It is truly the Ultimate Fitness Events! 


Join the #kindnessissexy & #asIam movement

Ever wonder what it is that happens at my appointments, or what it is that I DO?

My appointments are about getting to know YOU!  

What you love, what lights you up and what makes you grin.  

I have discovered that my gift is the ability to hear what you are saying and not saying and in turn 

create something so personal and totally YOU!!  

My work is custom, always.  

Which means no one else will be wearing what you are wearing, EVER!

(except my # shirts - those need to be on everyone!!)  

After our meeting I consider what you said and what your event is 

(photoshoot, fitness competition, honeymoon, bachelorette, anniversary) 

and then I often take a few hours looking for things that inspire me and make me think of you 

and then I create something that is JUST YOURS!



The confidence that exudes from my clients when they are wearing my art 

is my VERY favourite thing in the whole process.  

Knowing that I helped them feel EVEN MORE beautiful then they already are is so very rewarding.  

So come, sit in my cozy chair in an office full of happiness, kindness and creativity 

and let me get to know you and your glamour dreams! - Marna

How to contact me

Drop me a line!

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Better yet, come see me in person or by video! By appointment only.

I love my customers and friends!  I would love for you to visit my stunning, yet cozy office.  I need you to book a visit though.  Please contact me (above) and lets book a visit! 

This is valid for video and in person appointments!

Marna's Crystal Artistry

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

(905) 484-5645

A few of the ladies who have loved my work

"Marna is incredible! She has made numerous theme wear costumes for me. ........Her creativity, attention to detail and quality are unmatched. ... Not only is she talented, but she is also an incredible person and is an absolute pleasure to work with." - Alicia

"Not only are Marna’s creations one of a kind but Marna is also ONE OF A KIND !!! ... Marna poured her heart into my costume and I was so happy to show all her talent off on stage. Already planning my 2019 Pro Glamour costume with her !! Thank you Marna you are AMAZING" - Julie

"I was absolutely WOWED by the costume Marna created for my daughters Tap Solo. .... It gave my daughter an extra boost of confidence to allow her to shine on stage. Marna you are truly so talented!" - Sammie